Teaching with Humor in Mind

The use of humor in the classroom is a necessity, I know educators are not stand up comedians and our job is not to entertain but to teach, but I am not talking only about flat out knock knock jokes type of humor, but an optimistic feeling of openness to create a “lighter” and more […]

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3D Printing: Maker Space

Designing a space for a machine you have never used, or even worse seen in your life was a surreal experience. The first thing we had to do was play with the 3D printer to really understand all the things we needed for the room, and oh did we learn some things! We used “Design […]

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Digital Citizenship

I will start this post with a disclaimer: I am using the term “industrial era schooling” and “Factory Model education” as a rhetorical instrument and it is in no way an accurate account of western history, the history of our educational systems and methods is very rich and diverse one, and has come a long […]

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