3D Printing: Maker Space

Designing a space for a machine you have never used, or even worse seen in your life was a surreal experience. The first thing we had to do was play with the 3D printer to really understand all the things we needed for the room, and oh did we learn some things!

We used “Design thinking” to tackle this project, starting with a massive brain storm on which we build upon as a team, designing from very conservative to completely out of the box solutions for our 3D printing space. When we had 2 viable projects coined from hours of brain storm, it was time to prototype, out came the measuring tapes (or any other measuring units we found, hem hem 15″ MacBooks) to get an idea of the spaces we were working with, solving problems as they came to light, are we authorised to manipulate school property, can we move around, do we have available power outlets etc. Our final prototypes came into life in the form of drawings, 3D room prototypes and make shift cardboard mockups. As a team we merged a couple of prototypes to finally decide on our final design.  The implementation process was fun, choosing paint, budgeting for furniture and tackling all the real problems and hidden challenges as they presented themselves, and finally  displaying our Maker Space.

Michelle created this amazing video that showcases all our efforts in creating our Maker Space.


Here are some pictures of how amazing 3D room turned out:





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