Simple Guide to Digital Privacy.

So, you think you know everything about Privacy? Test your Privacy IQ here, you might be surprised by the results!

Did you expect that score? Do you think there is more about privacy you need to know? Well in any case here you have the COMPLETE and SIMPLE guide to your Digital Privacy

1.Let´s start by Keeping your Information and Accounts Safe:

Cyber crimes: there are a lot of crimes that can be committed online, some of the scariest and most dangerous are:

  • Identity Theft
  • Stalking
  • Bullying
  • Hacking
  • E-mail spoofing
  • Information piracy and forger.

For most of this crimes just a little prevention is enough to protect you, this is what you need to do:

    1. Secure your account: Many accounts, specially email, let you filter Spam and Junk mail, be sure to activate these setting.
    2. Have long and secure Passwords: It is known that long passwords (or passphrases) are the most secure ones, also avoid using the most common passwords such as monkey and iloveyou. use this link to help you have a stronger password.
    3. Never share your password: this protects you from crimes such as stalking hacking and bullying.
      1. Look what happened to this girl that shared her password with her best friend: 
    4. Have a different password for each account: even more dangerous than sharing your password or writing it down is having the same password for all your accounts, try to be creative with each account!
    5. Go beyond a password: many accounts offer two step verifications, opt for those and stay a step ahead.
    6. If anything happens: REPORT! if you or a friend are a victim of any cyber crime remember to Stop, Document and Report.

2. Let’s go over the information you are sharing:

Every day you post things online, you text your friends, you tweet, you upload pics to instagram and so many other things. One of those things alone might not seem like much, but look what this guy finds about a group of students with only 6 clicks!

Were you surprised? What do you think he could dig of you in just 6 clicks?

Here is how to manage your information:

    1. What you post: Follow the golden rule “Do/post onto others what you would have them do/post unto you” so talk to your friends about what is ok to post.
    2. When you post: Never post when you are angry or answer to mean comments online it is a split second decision that can affect you a great deal.
      1. Always think before you post may sound empty! see how one action can affect you
    3. Where you post: when using smartphones and tablets be sure to go over the location service to be sure you are not sharing more than you want.
    4. Who sees your posts: Your information is seen by two groups, Directly (Friends, and Followers, and other users) and Indirectly (the companies that have access to your account such as Facebook, Google, Twitter).
      1. Social Network Settings: You can easily control your audience in each social media by going over your privacy settings, just doing this isn’t enough but it helps a great lot. There are a lot of consequences for not using your Privacy settings on social media. Check out this true story!
            Scary right? check out
        this link to learn how to protect all your social media!
      2. Privacy Policy: when you accept a Privacy Policy you are agreeing to let a company use your privacy information in many ways, be sure to know what each service does with your information.

3. Finally let´s protect your computer:

    1. You would be surprised to know that you have more followers than you know, but we are not talking about your Instagram. Hundreds of companies follow your every move by installing Cookies into your computer to know what sites you visit and get to know your likes so they can sell you advertising.
      What can you do?
      1. Block the tracking: There are a lot of browser extensions that block ads and other trackings like Blur and Adblocker.
      2. Don’t stay logged into accounts like google and facebook while you browse, that creates a log of all the things you visit.
    2. Remember to keep you computer safe:
  • Viruses: programs designed to be transmitted and break havoc.
  • Spyware: they download to your computer without you knowing and do thing you don’t want to do. they can track you steal your password.

How to protect yourself?

      1. Keep your machine clean and up to date: using the latest browsers and updating your security softwares.
      2. Delete: when an email or message looks suspicious, delete it and mark it as spam.
      3. Plug and Scan: USB are common threat to computers, remember to scan everything you plug in for viruse




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